55th Anniversary

The theme is “Embrace" and "Empower". They can beautifully tie in with the 55th-anniversary theme and the symbolism of hands.
Embrace: The word ‘embrace’ symbolises an open, accepting, and welcoming attitude. In the context of the 55th anniversary, it represents the school's readiness to accept and adapt to changes, innovations, and improvements. It reflects the school's commitment to continuously evolve and improve for the benefit of students and the broader community. This ties in with the hand symbolism as a pair of hands embracing or hugging something, signifying acceptance, support, and protection. The two 5s’ in '55' can represent two hands coming together to embrace the school's past, present, and future.
Empower: The word ‘empower’ signifies giving someone the authority, power, or capacity to do something. In this context, it reflects the school's mission to equip its students with the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to achieve their goals and positively impact society. It connotes our school's commitment to student-centric education that fosters personal and academic growth. The hand symbolism can be seen here as hands lifting or supporting someone, representing empowerment, encouragement, and upliftment.
The 55th anniversary, represented by a pair of hands (each hand symbolising '5'), can thus be seen as an opportunity for the school to reflect on its past, embrace its present, and look forward to an empowered future. It symbolises our school's commitment to embracing changes and empowering students, staff, and the wider community.

Slogan: "Embrace New Heights, Empower Great Minds: Celebrating 55 Years of Lasallian Education."
This slogan is divided into three major parts:
1. Embrace New Heights: This phrase signifies our school's intent to achieve higher aspirations. It suggests that our school is not content with its past successes but always strives to improve and reach new milestones. It could also signal that we are ready to tackle new educational challenges, such as integrating more technology in the classroom, implementing new curricula, or aiming for higher academic standards.
2. Empower Great Minds: This phrase emphasises our school's commitment to nurturing the intellectual growth of our students. It suggests that CSK empowers students to reach their full potential and become 'great minds'. This could foster a growth mindset and critical thinking skills, encouraging creativity and innovation or developing leadership abilities.
3. Celebrating 55 Years of Lasallian Education: This phrase acknowledges our school's long-standing tradition of providing Lasallian education. It honours the values and heritage of a Lasallian education - such as respect for all persons, inclusive community, concern for the poor, and social justice - while also celebrating the milestone of reaching its 55th anniversary.
Together, these three parts create a slogan that encapsulates our school's dedication to continuous improvement, student empowerment, and respect for its Lasallian tradition while looking forward to what the future may bring.

55th Anniversary Celebration Schedule

  • 9-10 Sep 2024  Opening Mass
  • 7-8 Dec 2024 Open Days (S1 Discretionary Places Briefing incl.)
  • 22 Feb 2025 Anniversary Dinner
  • 3-4 Mar 2025 Thanksgiving Mass
  • 5 Jul 2025 Variety Show
  • Aug 2025 School Magazine (Special Edition)

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