Photographic Club

Date : 2021-01-20 (Wednesday)
Activity Category : Activities ECA
We held a talk about photography on 20/1 & 22/1 and this time we invited an old boy as our speaker. In this talk,we introduced different types of cameras and lens used in photography, their usage and functions. We explained the structures of different kinds of cameras and lens and the principles behind them. We also taught different settings of cameras like aperture, ISO etc. Moreover, we talked about how they could affect the quality of photos or how to make some special effects on the photos. The aim of this talk is to let the participants know more about photography and increase their interests. We hope that it can help them to improve their photographic skills and know what equipment is required in different situations.
Address: 4 Sheung Wo Street Ho Man Tin Kowloon
Tel: 2711 8175
Fax: 2762 1550
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