English Language Society - Movie Day

2021-01-15 (Friday)
Category : Activities¦ECA

In order to raise students interests in English, the English Language Society decided to play a movie online to share with all the students. We believe that by playing a movie, students can learn English in a more relaxing and interesting way, especially after a long and stressful day of online lessons. To entertain our classmates at this difficult time under the pandemic, where everyone is staying at home, we chose the movie Inception, despite it being a 10-year-old movie. It is still regarded as one of the best and the most famous films for the last decade. Our NET teacher, Mr R Taylor also shared his fun with students through instant messages in the chat room on Teams. That helped students understand the characters and plot. They could also ask questions if they have problems understanding the film. It is novel and fruitful for all the students.

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