Student Association: Resonance to Vereinen

2023-09-25 (Monday)
Category : ECA

There is one Student Association proposed cabinet in this school year. Its name is Vereinen, derived from “unite” in German. The Student Association election forum was held on the 18th and 19th respectively in the afternoon. The students asked various questions.

The 21st voting day was held in the 4th and 5th periods in the classrooms. The members of the previous Student Association, Resonance, went to the classrooms and gave voting ballots to the students. The vote count was held in the covered playground during lunch for the students to witness on the same day. The total number of votes is 625 and the number of valid votes is 321. Among the valid votes, the votes of trust are 221, the votes of distrust are 114 and the number of blank votes is 13. The number of trust votes accounts for 63.5% of the valid votes, which meets the requirement of 50%. Therefore, the proposed cabinet Vereinen has been successfully elected.

The Student Association handover ceremony was held on 25th. We gave thanks to Resonance for their contributed efforts in the last school year and certificates were given to them. Their successor, Vereinen, stated their declaration in front of the whole school and received the stamp and the key from the vice president of Resonance. Last but not least, the new president gave a speech and that marked the end of the ceremony. We hope the Vereinen can provide our students with entertaining and fruitful activities during this school year.
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