Career and life Planning Section



  • Promoting whole-person development, including…

Self-understanding and development, to understand one-self and the impact of external influences with review and reflection;

Career Exploration, exploring opportunities and constraints of study and employment as well as the options available, and connecting work experiences with study and career choices;and

Personal planning and  Management, to make decisions, formulate and act out plans to cope with social changes and the transition from study to employment.


Vision of Life Planning Education and Career Guidance

  • Understand their own career/academic aspirations;
  • Develop positive attitudes towards work and learning;
  • Connect/integrate their career/academic aspirations with/into wholeperson development and life-long learning; and
  • Utilise the acquired knowledge, skills and attitudes whenever necessary


Teacher Members

Ms. KM Chiu (Career Mistress, S3 Coordinator)

Mr. YL Wong (S6 Coordinator)

Ms. OL Ho (S5 Coordinator)

Ms. WS Tong (S4 Coordinator)

Mr. MK Wong (S2 Coordinator)

Ms. YS Tsui (S1 Coordinator)

Ms. YW Tai (CLP counsellor)




Address: 4 Sheung Wo Street Ho Man Tin Kowloon
Tel: 2711 8175
Fax: 2762 1550
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