Alternative donation options

You can give a generic donation to the CSK Golden Jubilee Fund or alternatively you may specify the use of your donations. For this purpose, we have drawn up a list of project-specific donation options for your consideration.

Strategic planning over the past few years has identified the following projects to be undertaken to improve the school’s resources in line with the vision to maintain CSK’s status as a school of excellence.


Recurrent expenses per year

Employing a native English-speaking teacher or Joining the Chatteris Native-speaking English Tutor (CNET) placement programme


Employing two associate teachers to support teaching and learning of English Language and Chinese Language



Non-recurrent expenses

Renovating the school library


Replacing the computers in the classrooms and special rooms


Renovating the school chapel


Replacing the stage lighting and lifting system of the school hall


Replacing the school hall sound system


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