Outstanding ECA Award and Outstanding ECA Club Award (2020-2021)

2021-09-08 (Wednesday)
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Despite the difficult time under the COVID-19, we thank all the clubs and uniform groups for their efforts to organize various extra-curricular activities for our students. Since several students, clubs and uniform groups performed excellently over the last year, on 2021-9-8 (Wed), the ECA Section presented 2 ECA awards to appreciate their excellent performances; and we were pleased to invite our Principal, Mr. Lee to present the prizes.

Outstanding ECA Award (2020-2021)

6B Tam Kin Chung:                                     Outstanding ECA participation award

6B Choy Shing Hang                                  Outstanding ECA leadership award

6B Tsoi Hiu Tung Ronald                            Outstanding ECA leadership award

Outstanding ECA Club Award (2020-2021)

Club /Society                                       Chairman                                                        Teacher Advisor(s)

Aerospace Society                              6B Choy Shing Hang                           Ms. YY Lam

Chinese Language Society                 5C Leung Ting For                               Ms. MY Lau, Ms. YS Choi, Ms. YM Law

Drama Club                                         4B Mak Kwun To                                  Ms. YS Choi, Mr. KW Cheung

Music Club                                          6D Cheung Kwan Hung                       Ms. YM Chan, Mrs. A Lau       

Photography Club                               6D Tsoi Ka Tung                                   Mr. WT Lam, Mr. KK Lam

STEM Club                                           6D Liu Wing Him William                     Mr. YC Chu, Mr. CH Ho, Mr. WL Yeung, Mr. HK Lok

Red Cross                                             6D Lam Yuk Hei                                   Mr. WK Li, Ms. YL Tse, Mr. CH Chow


Although we are still being affected by the COVID-19, we hope all the clubs and uniform groups will continue their efforts to organize different extra-curricular activities to our students, no matter face to face or online. We also hope that students will continue to participate actively in their extra-curricular activities and to strike for excellent performance!

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