ECA Chairman Training Course

2021-09-04 (Saturday)
Category : Activities¦ECA

On 2021-9-4 (Sat), the Chairmen of our clubs and societies (2021-2022) were invited to join a chairman training course. We gathered in Room 821 for the training. The training course was divided into 2 sessions: First, as instructed by our ECA Mistress, Ms. YY Lam, the Chairmen were informed of the ECA structure, their teacher advisors, the ECA coordinators of their clubs, the requirements of their committee members, the requirements of their general members, their responsibilities and duties, their major work in the coming year and other important information. In the second part, the chairmen were invited to meet and have a short discussion with their new teacher advisors and the ECA coordinators of their clubs about their work in this coming year. We hope this training course can help our boys to know more about the operation of the ECA Section, the work of their committees, and to facilitate the communication among them, their new teacher advisors and their respective ECA coordinators. Through this training course, we hope they can organize different ECA to serve our CSK boys and fulfill their duties smoothly in this coming year!

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